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Albao and Alba Families, Bonco Wedding, 1936


Left to right: TBD

Kauai, year TBD

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  • uncle sonny August 12, 2005, 4:09 pm

    hi jace – returned from manila yesterday, leaving behind typhoon and revolution. this picture got to be 1936 or so . aunty harriet is the only outsider in the picture. if we find out when they got married it would help. looking forward to seeing you. let me know your flight# and i’ll be seeing you at the airport . (on the curb outside of your baggage claim.) love uncle

  • jaced September 4, 2005, 9:52 am

    My cousin Jamie just emailed me the following:

    Aunty Tinka identified most and I forgot who they all are. This is the Bonco wedding. This picture contains the Alba Family and quite a bit of the Albao family. My Mom, Eleanor, is sitting in the foreground with a sour face becauseher mother, Manuela, (seated behind her) was mad at her for dirtying her dress and so made her sit with the dirty part tucked under her. Too funny.


    Back row: Uncle Cecil, ?husband of the woman in front of him (Alicuben), Mr. Oben? (Roda’s husband), Uncle Willie, Uncle Henry, ?Rosita’s husband?, Uncle Albert

    Middle Row: Aunty Mema, Aunty Mary, Lily?, Rhoda?, Grandpa, Aunty Harriet, Aunty Rosita?, Aunty Angie, Uncle Eddie, Reverend Mauricio Valera

    Front row: Sonny Pake(Nanay’s adopted son), Grandma Albao, ??, Nanay(Maria Goles Alba) Great Grandma, Rosalie?, Sonny Valera?

    Don’t know the little kids but my Mom is sitting on ground.

    This picture was taken around 1935 that would put my Mom at 9yo and Aunty Angie at 15 yo. Manuela (Grandma would have been 40 yo) Nanay would have been 58 yo.

    Oh my goodness I did that off the top of my head. Too much information stuck in my head.

    I enjoyed seeing everyone during our reunion and am proud of our entire family.

    Aunty Angie told me all the little secrets but I no can publicize. I know too much.

    Have fun reading Aunty Lily’s and Aunty Rosalie’s accounts of their
    father. The Kilho document is fun too.

    Will someone please identify the rest of the folks in the picture.

    So, when’s the next get together?

    Love to all,


    Auntie Charlot adds:

    Aunty Jo (Barcelo) is next to Aunty Mary Sabate. Her
    husband Uncle Don is behind. Aunty Rhoda is next to
    Aunty Jo.

    I cant seem to find Aunty Lily Alicuben, her husband
    Uncle Terry, or Uncle Manuel?

    The unidentified ones look like Valeras, or on the
    Alba side.

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