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There’s something about Derek Jeter’s retirement that makes me feel older than I’ve ever felt. Seems like he was a rookie just the other day. How thrilled I was — and still am — that a team finally stuck it to those unbeatable Braves in the 1996 World Series. The 1996 Yankees and their rookie shortstop were my heroes that year, if for no other reason than silencing that dreaded tomahawk chant.

Jeter proved year after year after year after year that he’s arguably the best all-around ballplayer of my generation. I always loved watching him play, and I don’t even like the Yankees. Hate ‘em, even. Hats off, sir.

Spanish agency Txaber has created beer packaging with Pantone values that match the beer in side the can. I’ll take a 604 C, please.

beer pantone colors

Cryptographers Dorothy Du Boisson & Elsie Booker operating the codebreaking computer Colossus Mk. 2. Bletchley Park, England, ca. 1944

Auralnauts has gifted us with the final scene of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope with the John Williams score removed.

I’m not exactly sure what kills me about this. Is it the way Luke laughs?

For comparison, the scene with music: