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Secrets to Happiness in Six Words

Secrets to Happiness in Six Words (daily 2018 calendar)

Happy New Year!

My bro Larry Smith just sent me a surprise copy of a 2018 daily calendar called Secrets To Happiness In Six Words: Writers Famous And Obscure On Love, Sex, Money, Friendship, Family, Work, And Much More. Now available on Amazon.

You’ll find me on October 17. A Wednesday. Hopefully the Dodgers will have a lead in the NLCS and be gearing up to kick off a World Series that weekend.

ANGER MANAGEMENT: Get a drum set

ANGER MANAGEMENT: Get a drum set.

For more info on the best-selling Six Word book series and to add yours, visit the Six Word Memoirs official site. And check out Smith Magazine for all things word.


I dare you not to smile. (via Thane)

(via The New Yorker)