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Walea Bros.



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  • Chris July 12, 2005, 9:13 am

    Wow! Classic pictures. How handsome the Albao’s are! I love the stereo in the background. I remember that so well. How far we’ve come in technology. It would be so much fun to go to Circiut City with Grandpa now! Imagine our grandpa with an ipod, all his favorite opera. Imagine if grandpa had a computer and could help you with this new project of yours! This was “his thing”. You got that gift from him for sure! His was so good at story telling, making things real to others who were around, detailing, dating events. You would have made him proud Jace, that you continue in something so precious to his heart. What a gift you are giving to all our family!

    I am trying to make a copy of our cassette that we (Scott, Terri, Christine)made. The one with the game shows and spooky stories. I have it but am having a hard time getting a tape to tape made. I think I found someone who can do it. hope to get it to you next week.

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