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AMAZING: The Most Overused Word in the English Language

not amazing logoThere is no more overused word in the English language than AMAZING*, and it pisses us off. The purpose is of this group is to provide intellectual sanctuary to any fellow evangelical — of any gender, race, or creed — who identifies with the sentiment.

Join us in our bold quest to reintroduce synonyms for ‘amazing’ to those who insist on remaining unaware of them. Words like astonishing, awesome, fascinating, incredible, marvelous, prodigious, shocking, stunning, surprising, unbelievable, and wonderful are all perfectly usable terms that every person should be encouraged to reach for the next time they feel the urge to express in words how amazing something is.

For additional options, said persons should also be nudged/bribed/forced into referring to their nearest thesaurus. http://thesaurus.com provides a logical starting point for such an endeavor.

*It should be emphasized that the already overused word ‘amazing’ is no less ineffective when used in all caps — with or without spelling embellishments — followed by multiple exclamation points.

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