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Kona Vivor lightbox

My siblings and I do a Secret Santa thing every year. We throw all the names into a hat, and then draw a name in private. You get a name, and somebody gets yours. You don’t know who anybody is until Christmas.

This year we came up with a rule for gifts: YOU MUST MAKE IT YOURSELF. It could be a piece of art, a fruitcake, a sculpture, or whatever you choose. But you can’t buy it.

The kids turned out some good ones this year. Jonny made a walking stick for Luke. Luke sketched a cartoon for Micah. Dianne did a watercolor piece for my mom. But I got the best one of all, from my bro Jed.

kona vivor lightbox halftone

It’s a lightbox, made by hand out of wood. By laying out a grid of 3/16″ squares and using six sizes of drill bits, Jed created a halftone of my dogs, based on this photo.

It’s framed, with swappable colored bulbs inside it. The the wood panel on the front of the lightbox has holes in one of six sizes, with every hole’s center on a point of the grid. The larger the hole, the more light you see, and vice versa.

Here’s it is in action, on the end of the bar:

kona vive

A real treasure. Thanks bro. Love.

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