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Pat Levine

pat levine


Made a Home Depot run on the Fourth to pick up some supplies for my weekend painting project of the kitchen and living room. While I was there I saw a dude down one of the aisles that I’ve known for probably about thirty years. But he didn’t know me. I’m talking about this guy, the elderly gentleman who’s been jogging around town for decades. The guy who looks just like my maternal grandfather, Gilbert Chase Freeman, who you can see here and here.

I’ve been meaning to flag this guy down for a while, ever since I realized a few years ago that he’s still around doing his thing. Now was my chance, of all the days, of all the places. I went up to him, introduced myself, told him I’ve seen him jogging around town since the eighties, and explained that he looks exactly like my Grandpa. He was startled for a moment, probably puzzled that I was mistaking him for an Home Depot employee, but then graciously granted me some conversation. And a photo.

The first thing I noticed once he opened his mouth is that he’s from New York. We talked about the city for a bit. He’s from Upper Manhattan, and moved to Los Angeles back in 1956.

His name’s Pat Levine (Lavine? LeVine? Lavigne?), and says he “only” jogs about ten miles a week because his knees are giving out. Back in the day, he’d run seventy miles a week. You go, Pat!

It was one of those extra super double awesome random moments that make life interesting around every corner. I’m really developing an appetite for these types of coincidences. More, please.

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  • Margaret Freeman July 7, 2008, 1:06 pm

    That was a delightful story, Jace – particularly when
    you included the pictures of both gentlemen.

  • lestlie July 7, 2008, 8:58 pm

    i think that we all live for moments like this, but never realize it until we are actually experiencing them. more people should get to have “extra super double awesome random moments” in their lives; maybe they’d feel more fulfilled if they did.

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