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Touching up the outside edges

Been taking a little bit of a break this past week, with a brother from another mother crashing on the couch. The other night I did get a start on touching up the existing floor adjacent to the outside of the piece. I used Minwax Golden Oak 210B, which seems to be working fine. One thing I noticed (read: live and learn) is that some of the wood filler I applied to the crevices on the outside got soaked up by the freshly sanded oak, and subsequently doesn’t take the stain exactly the same way as the real wood. Semi-ugh, but I’ll just consider it one of those disclaimers they tag on wood or leather products declaring that “any imperfections enhance the beauty” of said product.

After this I’ll probably need to sand the edges of the whites, and then it’ll be time to break out the Varathane.

binary floor

binary floor

binary floor

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