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As easy as one, two, three.

Today is the day. Our book is out.

Just winged on over to Borders in Torrance and grabbed a few copies. Did a quick skim and already found a few gems worth noting:

Can my words have footnotes, please? –Amy Harbottle

Hope my obituary spells “debonair” correctly. –Gregg Easterbrook

I’m just here for the beer. –Alex Vournas

Black Latina. Slave ship stopped everywhere. –Veronica Chambers

Maybe you had to be there. –Roy Blount Jr.

It’s a classic read. I was about to scan my page, but stopped. There’s nothing like the real thing. So I’ll just see you in person on Page 123. As a fellow author pointed out, that puts me fourteen pages ahead of Stephen Colbert’s 137. I’m open to the idea that that’s good for something. I also made the Index, falling under the Storytelling category. With Elizabeth Gilbert!

I’m currently somewhat preoccupied with the fact that 123 is composed of the divisors of the thematic 6. A perfect number.

And at the risk of alienating myself from most of the human race, I will never be able to fall asleep tonight until I admit that I can’t help from noticing that 123 is found in the Fibonacci Sequence.

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