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Linde B. Martin

Last night the town of Carmel, CA came up in conversation. I’d spent a week up there a few years ago soaking up most of the art galleries in town. Other than sleeping on the beach or taking scenic walks with the dog, there’s really not much more to do up there. Which is why I love that place.

There was a particular modern abstract painter I met up there named Linde B. Martin. I completely fell in love with her work, spent a good hour or two in her studio on a couple different days, and ended up talking shop with her for a while. She uses special oils imported from Europe, only primaries (Red, Yellow, Blue), and paints in the “alla prima” style. Alla prima literally translates to “at once” in Italian; the style involves painting an entire piece in a single session while the oil is still wet. Linde claims she rarely spends more than 45 minutes on a single piece. She’ll let an idea incubate in her imagination for a while, then sets up her materials, throws on a smock, and unleashes.

Her place is on Delores between 5th and 6th. If you’re ever up there, don’t miss it. Until then, check out her online gallery.

linde b. martin

“The Drama”
By Linde B. Martin

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