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Maternal great-grandfathers and company

My maternal great-grandfather, Ernest W. Freeman. My mom dad’s dad. The kids called him “Big PopPop”. (Wow, I see my cousin Sarah):

chase freeman

Ernest’s mother, my maternal great-great-grandmother Etta. Mom’s dad’s dad’s mom. I can see my ears. Ain’t this stuff trippy?:

chase freeman

My great-great-grandparents, Will and Etta Freeman. Ernest’s parents:

ernest w. freeman

The backswing of my great-grandfather Joseph C. Spaulding, my Gran’s father. Mom’s mom’s dad. The kids called him “Little Tiny Pop”.

chase freeman

With the family. Standing: My Gran (what a peach, right?), Edie Freeman (Uncle Bill’s wife), Connie Freeman (Uncle Bill’s daughter). Middle row: My grandfather Gilbert Chase Freeman, his mother, my great-grandfather Ernest W. Freeman, Uncle Bill. Front row, the kids: Larry, Joanne, Mom, Bill. Circa mid 1950s:

chase freeman

Let’s give some credit to the sisters who smiled their way through the fact that they were stuck with matching outfits.

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  • Pablodiablo December 28, 2007, 9:43 am

    I dig the older pictures of your relatives. I always wonder what they were thinking about the world that they were living in… what their hopes and concerns were about.

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