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Been Called

Been called:

An ace; a bad lad; jail cell bailed; a doodlin’ non-blonde; ice-cold and doobie-enabled; a b-load-laced lid; a candid and jaded lion; banned and canned; all bad boiled blood and bone; old, lean, and clean; bedded and laid; a doll bod, dialed and dancin’; a bed candle (LOL); nailed and loaded; an idol, blinded and alone; a diced cod; lanced, billed, and bleedin’; a cable dojo; a bland Alice dinin’ on noodle; a coiled li’l bell; Dean de Decadence; one bad loin libido job; a bold line; El Bien Inca; an alien; a boo-boo-clad ailed Jane; an adjoined abode de la Dandelion; ended; a bee-lined cell-nabbed coal-dabbed deed doin’ Don Leon; an oceanic canine dad; a coldie-led ball Dane, a needed cane; a band lead; a decided non-Celine Dion jab; and an idle loon, coined “lone dood”.



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  • vincenzo December 9, 2007, 7:10 pm

    swell run-on, brah. rock the casbah.

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