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The Tale of the Two Pumpkins

The Tale of the Two Pumpkins
by Jace Daniel (b. 1969)

Once upon a time there was a pumpkin patch. Hundreds of pumpkins, some small, some smaller, some medium, others large, and others even larger, all sat in the October sunshine waiting to be picked. Two such pumpkins sitting next to each other in the corner of the patch started chatting.

“So, what kind of jack-o-lantern are you?” the first pumpkin asked. “Scary? Funny? Toothy?”

“I’m a sad jack-o-lantern,” replied the second pumpkin. “My face is long, with my mouth drooping down sadly on each end. My eyes are full of sorrow, and I have a single tear on my right cheek.”

“Opposites attract,” said the first pumpkin. “I’m a happy jack-o-lantern. I’ve got a wide grin wrapping across my face, curling up on each end. My eyes are full of joy, and I look like I’m laughing.”

“Well, let’s hope they get it right,” mused the second pumpkin. “Good luck.”

“You too,” said the first pumpkin. “You too.”

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