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Today’s sunrise

sunrise October 24th 2007

There’s that redder-than-ever sun rising up from the ashes, taken from Battery Farley at Fort MacArthur. Looks an awful lot like the poster from Apocalypse Now, doesn’t it? What’s not clear in this shot is the silhouette of Cleveland National Forest’s mountains separating the beach cities from the inland areas of Orange and San Diego counties. Beyond those mountains, it’s estimated that one million people have been displaced from their homes. =view large image=

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  • Steph October 24, 2007, 10:51 am

    Beautiful shot. The way sunrise looks like sunset has been messing with my internal clock. I mentioned yesterday that the sun’s new appearance looks alot like the double-sunset on Tatooine. You know, when Luke comes home to find his home in ashes. Odd parallel.

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