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In U at The Beatles Revolution Lounge


Sitting in the “U” at the Abbey Road Bar just outside The Beatles Revolution Lounge at the Mirage in Las Vegas this weekend. The word “REVOLUTION” stands in large brightly lit three dimensional letters while doubling as seating. Note that the “E” and “L” are backwards. (Revolved. Get it?) After a few cocktails it dawned on us that, from the inside, the backwards “E”, the “V”, the “O”, and the backwards “L” spell “LOVE”. Missed that one for a while. Pretty cool.

A semi-intentional effort was made this weekend to resist the urge to become preoccupied with snapping photographs the whole time. (It’d interfere with the Twitter/txt habit.) There were a couple shots here and there we took with our phones, and this is one of them. But that’s pretty much it. Naylor did get a batch of some great shots of the Alice in Chains and Velvet Revolver gig on Friday night though. Those’ll be on the way soon.

I must say that there was one particular moment this weekend that I wish I had my camera ready for: Three of us were coming back to the Mirage at 5am and walking through the glass doors. Exiting the other direction, literally holding the door open for us, was Slash. Wearing his signature hat at five in the morning. How cool is that? But it gets better: We shook hands, and I accidentally called him Flash. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was a little awkward, kinda disrespectful, and completely hilarious all at the same time. But Slash was totally cool with the error, as sloshed as we were or not. The whole situation was good for a round of laughs. And a legitimate reason throw out a tweet.

I can’t believe I didn’t have a camera ready to go for that classic moment. Ouch. What a cringer. Dropped the ball on that one big time. Had I gotten that far, with camera in hand, I would’ve talked Slash into letting me wear the hat before the snap. I promise you that.

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  • Luke September 24, 2007, 7:31 pm

    Semi-intentional effort…

    “Sorry bro, I meant to try to call you Slash.”

  • jaced.com November 6, 2007, 1:28 am

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