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After Days 7 and 8. Or is it 9? 10?

So where are we? I’ve lost track already. This whole thing has turned into a jam!

Before the drywall goes up, there were some electrical issues to take care of. Took about two days of full work, but ended up stretching across the whole week. Some interjections occurred along the way, including the need for extra heater duct, the decision to put a light bulb in every closet, some basic rewiring off Breaker 1, and a badly cut finger that required emergency medical attention. But hey, we’re here, right? And it’s not even mid-September yet.

Tomorrow, Sunday, we’re gonna hang the drywall. I’m meeting Mike at Home Depot to pick stuff up tomorrow at the unthinkable 7am. A long physical day. I’ll be needing a massage next week.

Most of the recent work has been done under the hood, so there’s not a whole lot of change to be seen. But for now, here’s the first test look at the back cans. In there now are cheap incandescents, to be replaced by directional halogens on dimmers. Still on the To Do list is to address the lighting situation between the soffit and the beam. Those decisions begin tomorrow.

1339 remodel day 7 and 8

1339 remodel day 7 and 8

1339 remodel day 7 and 8

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  • Steph September 11, 2007, 10:11 am

    Have you been able to take a deep breath yet, with all your newfound space? Or, are you waiting for the dust to clear?

  • jaced.com September 11, 2007, 10:29 am

    No deep breath yet. It’s actually been sort of a mental scramble for about a week, with no landline in the house, plastic covering all the furniture, an open ceiling throughout the living space, and other clutter. Kinda wears on your nerves after a while if you try to live through w/o moving out. I also got sick, which floored me for a day or two. I’ve been pretty much living out of the garage, or hanging elsewhere.

    There were some setbacks, including a re-opened cut finger that required more stitches and delayed the drywall hang. Ended up working out for the better, as my man Roy came over and helped me pre-wire ceiling speakers in the soffit for surround sound. It’s a good thing I did this before closing things up.

    Today I finally had a drywall/finish guy who’s done stuff for me before come by and have a close look at things. He did my garage six years ago. Scoring me a fantastic deal to rock out the house and get it ready for paint by Thursday/Friday. They start tomorrow bright and early.

    So with that all scheduled up, I’m beginning to exhale. Should be a good weekend, with maybe some primer/paint if I feel up for it. Next weekend’s plans will provide a chance to finally take a deep breath from all this. Vegas, baby!

    Fall awaits…

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