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Word of the day: contronym

While a synonym is a word that has the same meaning as another, an antonym is a word opposite in meaning to another, and a homonym is a word that has the same spelling and pronunciation as another but differs in meaning, a contronym is any word with two conflicting definitions, making it both a homonym and an antonym of itself simultaneously. Cool.


bad (good, slang)
bad (not good)

bound (bound for Chicago, moving)
bound (tied up, unable to move)

buckle (to hold together, fasten)
buckle (to collapse or fall apart)

citation (award for good behavior)
citation (penalty for bad behavior)

cleave (to cut apart)
cleave (to seal together)

clip (attach to)
clip (cut off from)

cut (get into a line)
cut (get out of a class)

dust (remove dust)
dust (to apply dust, as in fingerprinting)

fast (moving rapidly)
fast (in fixed position, unmoving)

left (remaining)
left (having gone)

moot (arguable)
moot (not worthy of argument)

overlook (watchful control)
overlook (failure to notice)

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