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A fortune that has actually come true

you will have many friends when you need them

I’m doing some pre-spring cleaning right now (or, rather, some post New Year’s cleaning, but that’d label me a procrastinator), taking a bunch of old magnets from the fridge and tossing them into a box. Stuck on the fridge for what must have been at least a year is the fortune above.

At the risk of sounding mushy, I’ve gotta admit some tears welled up as I realized the startling truth in it. I can’t believe I’ve been overlooking this one for so many months. Every day.

You know who you are. CLA, NFA, JJ, MF, LSS, BLLT, JE, HG, HS, MN, BL, HB & BB, MDB & JB, AH & ML, MRC, VF, PC & GD, WM, EM, AW, RM, RR & MR, SA, US, AC, CM, MPA, CBJ, DC, DR, BH, SL, TWM, PD, RH, BJ, VKS, UL, AJ, SK, OG, TB, and everyone else I’ve missed.

Thanks, and I love you.

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