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Tiras, 1991-2006


Rest in peace, brother. See you there.

Tiras at an Oregon stream

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  • winni August 1, 2006, 9:08 pm

    see you on the other side…bless you. love, winni

  • mom August 1, 2006, 11:32 pm

    there never was a dog like tiras. if he was human, one would have said he was the quintessential gentleman, wise, kind, and unselfish. he never offended anyone, and always cared for our family in his quiet way. he could make us laugh. he understood everything. he was so dear to all of us.

  • bub August 2, 2006, 6:19 pm

    i miss u buddy

  • bub August 2, 2006, 7:25 pm

    “Tiras is the Best dog…”

  • Jonny August 3, 2006, 7:51 pm

    Where was that second picture taken at?

  • jaced.com August 3, 2006, 10:09 pm


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