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Father Terminology

The most familiar English terms for father include dad, daddy, papa, pop, and pa. Other colloquial expressions include my old man.

Whatever it is your kids call you, have a great day.

  • Romani: “dad”
  • German: “Vater”, “Papi”, “Vati”, “Papa”
  • Hebrew: “av” or “aba(h)”
  • Yiddish: “tatti” or “tay”
  • Urdu: “Abbu” or “Abbu-ji” or “Abbu-jan”
  • Bangla: “Baba” or “Abba”
  • Kannada: “Appa”
  • Hindi: “Papa” or “Pita-ji”(formal) or “Baap”(colloquial)
  • Polish: “tata”
  • Czech: “táta”
  • Hungarian: “apa” or “apu”
  • Filipino: “tatay”, “itay”, “tay” or “ama”
  • Portuguese: “pai” or “papai”
  • French: “papa”
  • Dutch: “papa”
  • Italian: “papá” or “babbo”
  • Arabic: “babba” or “yebba” or “abbi” (classical)
  • Russian: “papa”
  • Chinese: “bà” or “bàba” (informal)
  • Kiswahili: “Baba”
  • Persian: “pedar”, “pitar” or simply “Baabaa”
  • Japanese: “otōsan”, “papa”, “chichi”
  • Spanish: “papá”
  • Nadsat: “Pee”
  • Turkish: “baba”
  • Malay/Indonesian: “Abah”, “Ayah” or “Bapak”
  • Swedish: “Pappa”
  • Vietnamese: “Ba” (common) “Bo” (less common) “Cha” (archaic)
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