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Franklin W. Dixon

Although he is said to be the author of every Hardy Boys book, there is actually no writer named Franklin W. Dixon. There never has been.

I did not know that.

For that matter, neither was there ever a Carolyn Keene, nor a Victor Appleton. These are all pen names for a group of writers established by a man named Edward Stratemeyer.

After realizing that he had far more ideas for stories and series than he could write on his own, Stratemeyer etablished a group of writers known as the Stratemeyer Syndicate. Stratemeyer would outline the basic plot of each book to be written, and one of the Syndicate writers (known as “ghosts”) would write the book, being paid a flat fee and no further royalties.

Books produced by the Stratemeyer Syndicate include the Hardy Boys series, the Nancy Drew series, the Tom Swift series, and others.

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