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LOST: The Complete First Season

jaceAbout a year ago there was much hype — for weeks — about an upcoming new show called “LOST”. Looked interesting; I had planned on checking it out. Then I forgot to set my VCR that opening Wednesday evening, missing the season pilot. Not wanting to play catch up on a soap opera for six months, I sat it out, steering clear of anything remotely related to the show. I figured I’d watch it from the beginning some day.

The first season of the show is now available on a seven-disc DVD set. A couple people have recently recommended the show, so I Netflixed it. I just finished the set. I must say I really enjoyed the first few hours. A trippy combination of The Twilight Zone, Survivor, and Myst. I was hooked immediately.

By about discs 2 and 3, our character-packed cast of 48 end up relocating from the hazardous beach to a cave equipped with an endless water supply and some conveniently usable studio lighting. The whole thing quickly became a parody of itself. Great for entertainment.

There were many, many moments of Season 1 that I liked, with so many interesting situations and so many rich characters. The thick melange of personalities and circumstances created a social dynamic with endless possibilities. I plan to check out Season 2 next year on DVD.

With so many great moments in Season 1, it’s difficult to pick the best. While it’s a close race, I would have to say that far and away the best moment was when the snobby blonde step-sister was picnicking with the good-willing Iraqi Republican guard on Lover’s Cove while the psycho bald guy was hunting a polar bear with the in-between-careers jealous Korean husband shortly after he helped build the raft with the heroine addict ex-rock-star and the estranged father and son before the overweight lottery winning dude’s iPod battery died and the pregnant girl with amnesia went into labor in the jungle forcing the sinisterly-attractive escaped convict to deliver the baby because Dr. Jack was tied up giving the pretty boy tycoon a blood transfusion with a couple mango leaves and a sea urchin.

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