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Cho Cool

1991. A group of dudes and I were in Audio Physics 331, a required technical course that was part of our larger Music curriculum. Our professor was a dude that asked us all to call him Cho. Not Mr. Cho, not Professor Cho, not Sir Cho. We didn’t even know if Cho was his first or last name. It was just Cho, and we were fine with it.

The semester threw us into a perpetual state of wordplay, where we’d all try to out-do one another by coming up with the best Cho punchline to an improvised set-up. Rather than explaining the game, I’ll let this one represent. As a bonus, it comes with a doodle of Cho’s likeness.

cho cal state dominguez

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  • Jeff January 3, 2008, 4:03 pm

    I found myself thinking of Cho just the other day… specifically, if we ever knew Cho’s first name. I do know Cho tried to kill us on several occasions. I also know that my lab partner, Oscar Garcia, was deathly afraid of electricity, and I’d touch him with the end of an oscilloscope probe every so often while making a “bzzzt” noise with my mouth, just to frighten the bajeebus out of him.

    Ah, good times.

  • vic January 3, 2008, 4:40 pm

    wow, the ghosts of the past never sleep!!!

    viva cho!

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