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Perpetual Preparation

Pepetual Preparation
by Jace Daniel (b. 1969)

Preparing for school. Kindergarten. Preparing to get into the first grade. Recess. Preparing for lunch. A snack and a nap. Preparing for the afternoon. Preparing for the holidays. Preparing for the new year. Preparing for summer vacation. Preparing for Back to School. Homework. Preparing for the quiz. Cramming. Preparing for the finals to get the grade-point average to get the scholarship. Preparing for Friday, preparing for the weekend, preparing for Monday to do it all over again. Preparing for Spring Break. Preparing for graduation. Preparing for the job interview to get the job. Preparing for the job review to get the promotion. Preparing for the raise to get the house. Preparing for the date to get the lover. Breath mints, preparing to get lucky. Oops, pregnant. Should’ve prepared. Preparing the wedding, preparing the room for the baby, preparing the finances for the baby’s college fund, preparing for the kid’s wedding. Preparing for retirement. Preparing for the gym, preparing for good health. A shower, preparing for the evening. A dinner reservation, preparing. The dry cleaners. Clothes prepared. The hurry, preparing to avoid traffic. The intersection, the yellow light, the gas pedal. Preparing to make it on time.

Preparing for the funeral.

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