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Disneyland: From the Pirates of the Caribbean to the World of Tomorrow (1968)

Take your Pixar and Star Wars stuff somewhere else. This is the only Disneyland I’ll ever need.

Hosted by Marcia Minor, one of Disneyland’s embassadors, this is a very busy episode, as the Pirates of the Carribean gets top billing, as the evolution of that attraction, from Walt Disney’s orignal planning to the creation of the pirates, to the opening ceremony in New Orleans Square (which is also profiled), and even an edited version of the ride itself is shown.

Also, we see the creation of a whole new Tomorrowland, again from blueprints and designs to it’s actual opening. And we see several Tomorrowland attractions open. Foremost among them is the Peoplemover, which takes the guests through Tomorrowland. If you look closely, you’ll see Roy E. Disney, the nephew of Walt Disney, traveling on the Peoplemover in this part of the program.

Other Tomorrowland attractions shown include “Flight to the Moon”, where we see a simulated flight to the Moon, a Journey Through Inner Space, and of course, the Carousel Theater of Progress, which had a short stay at Disneyland. As part of that attraction, you see a glimpse into the future of what would become Walt Disney World, where the Carousel Theather of Progress moved to for good in 1973.

And of course, no Disneyland presentation would be complete without watching some of the nighttime festivities, and we see what goes on in some of Disneyland’s other “lands”, all culminating with a spectacular fireworks display in the tradition of Disneyland.

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