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It’s pronounced “JIF”

Told ya.

Steve Wilhite, father of the Graphics Interchange Format, has ended the heated debate on how to pronounce “GIF”. For those new to the topic, the question dates back to the 1900s: Is “gif” pronounced with a hard g (like goat) or a soft g (like giraffe)?

It is in fact the latter, and I’ve found myself in more than a few violent arguments about it over the years. Those who’ve insisted on awkwardly pronouncing “gif” with a hard g have been a pet peeve of mine since, I don’t know, before the OJ trial? Especially the ones who’ve simultaneously been scoffing at peeps who use the correct pronunciation.

Not that it matters much anymore. It’s all PNG these days.

Anyway, within a day of the official-albeit-delayed reveal, the Jif peanut butter company weighed in:

gif jif pronunciation

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