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Aced with Angels: An Interview with Jace Daniel

The peeps over at Crimson Soapbox approached me the other day to talk shop and discuss Under Angels. They’re an international writing team with a focus on authenticity in writing. Special thanks to Mitch and Anthony for a great conversation.

The interview has been broken into two parts. Here’s 1 of 2:

jace daniel albao mugshot honest abes crimson soapboxJust in time for Halloween, Crimson gets the raw from Under Angels author Jace Daniel Albao, who says he has an insatiable craving for words. He enjoys watching movies worth watching and telling stories worth telling, and has recently written a novel and screenplay called Under Angels. It seems Jace also shares my love for chocolate, and reckons it’s true that life does begin at forty. What more’s to be said? → Read interview

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