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Vive’s final fetch at Point Vicente

We’ve been taking a victory lap of sorts in recent weeks, visiting our favorite spots for the last time before our big move. This afternoon I picked up Vive at his other house, and we headed straight to one of our favorite places in the rotation: Point Vicente. We’ve hit this one dozens of times over the years, especially with Kona.

As luck would have it, this will be the last time Vive will ever enjoy running through that particular field. Just moments after this was shot, a sheriff sneaked through the trees and gave us a ticket for being off leash. Note that we were WAY up in the brush, hundreds of yards from everybody, minding our own business. As we always do.

The cop treated me like I was a foreigner, giving me the ground-up riot act about California law. The irony was that this has essentially been MY backyard for a decade, while she probably commutes in every morning on the 91 Freeway. I just stood there and cooperated, thinking about how lucky I was to not be holding an open Red Hook.

Now we’ve got to go to court within the next six weeks, pay a base fine, plus court costs. Final cost unknown. A complete waste of time, energy, and gasoline. Your tax dollars at work right there, people. There’s lots I could rant about right now, but I’ll save most of it. FINAL WORD ON THE SUBJECT:

They get called pigs for a reason.

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