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Caddyshack: How It Was Originally Intended [VIDEO]

Via Huffington Post:

When watching “Caddyshack,” you kind of get the sense that the original script was not meant to focus on the Bill Murray and Chevy Chase characters. That when getting to set, director Harold Ramis abandoned the original plot and was all “Dangerfield’s dancing again. Get a camera on that man. And keep rolling!”

Actually, we’re guessing that the film was intended to be a coming-of-age tale of a poor young caddy, struggling to earn a scholarship. The movie even starts on Danny at home. We meet his entire family and hear about his financial plight. This is a guy in need of a break.

Yet no break would come. At least in the sense of screen-time. And understandably so, as he gave way to some of the best comedic performances ever put on film. Not to mention that a movie about Danny would make for the MOST BORING MOVIE EVER.

But today, Danny finally gets the film he was intended to have. No Chevy. No Murray. No Dangerfield. This is Danny’s story. THIS is “Caddyshack”.

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