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Write Your Name in Runes

NOVA has a cool little interactive app that allows you to see your name spelled in runes and learn the meaning of each of the letters of the Viking alphabet. For instance, in not so many words, JACED translates to something like “Horse God of the Autumn Sun”.

J (Jera): Year or Harvest
A (Ansuz): Deity
C (Sowilo): Sun
E (Ehwaz): Horse
D (Dagaz): Daylight

jace runes

Runes are the characters of the alphabet used by the Vikings and other Germanic peoples from about the second to the 15th centuries A.D. Some runes vaguely resemble letters in our own alphabet; others look more like symbols. All had meaning to the Vikings, who carved them into their so-called rune stones—large monuments that honor the memory, and the names, of Norsemen past. In this interactive, see your own name spelled out in runes, and learn the meaning of each of the 24 runic characters.

=try it=

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