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Vintage phone call with my baby sister

My babiest sister Heather is twenty years younger than me. We never lived in the same house. We called each other Bub.

I lived a couple hours away from the family by the time Bub was born, so my main method of communicating with her was by regular phone calls. In the early nineties, during her toddling years, I must’ve spent hundreds of hours on the phone with Bub. To keep the conversations interesting, I would intermittently “hand the phone” over to some of our favorite Sesame Street characters, namely Grover, Oscar, Bert, and Ernie. My vocal impersonations of these four friends are admittedly not bad, and Bub bought the whole thing. She seriously thought they were all hanging out at my apartment.

I just heard from Heather this morning. She’s captured some video footage I’d never seen and uploaded it to YouTube. She looks to be about two years old in this footage, which puts us somewhere in about 1991.

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