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The Man

The Man
by Jace Daniel (b. 1969)

Cannot do this day another, too much work, it does me smother,
Peace not mine, I cannot rest, it’s been this way since it began,
Clock strikes six, sun is rising, dread I feel is unsurprising,
Dress myself with no disguising, ‘guising though I wish I can,
Job is mine, I do it well, doing it the best I can,
For I’m working for the Man.

Kiss the wife, kids are sleeping, lock the door for their safekeeping,
Job is torture, Hell on Earth, there’s no pain that’s greater than,
Hours too long, way too many, reasons right, can’t think of any,
Know I’ll pay a pretty penny, penny for the business plan,
Guilt I kill, or be killed, through it all, that is my plan,
For I’m working for the Man.

Owns my body, mind he’s renting, will of his in mine cementing,
Lifting, moving, pushing, shoving, sweep the oven, clean the pan,
Opportunity he’s luring, false accomplishments are curing,
Smell the wrath that I’ll be touring, touring through the best I can,
Dog eat dog, solution final, must convince myself I can,
For I’m working for the Man.

Business, pleasure, not for mixing, things awry, beyond fixing,
Easier said than done I say, no matter all the stories ran,
Love my work, what I’m learning, doesn’t matter what I’m earning,
Guilty pleasure I am burning, burning per the business plan,
Swastika on uniform, to cleanse the world, that is my plan,
For I’m working for the Man.

For EAP.

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