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bar stools

Finally, we can now sit at the bar.

The other night I had another one of those “meant to be” craigslist moments, finding these four guys. They’re 31″ tall, and the black leather tops swivel. The fourth one’s behind the bar right now.

I spent what ended up being nearly a year thinking about what kind of barstools to get before pulling the trigger. There were a few ideas that could’ve worked with the mid-century vintage of the bar itself, from minimalist atomic designs to the whole shabby chic thing. One thing I decided was that, given the smaller size of the bar, the accompanying stools should not have backs. And they’ve GOTTA swivel.

Height was something I needed to figure out, as I’ve sat at bars that felt too high. My bar is about 42″, and I didn’t want end up with stools that felt too short. A few months ago I saw some cool retro orange stools, but I was concerned they’d be a bit short at 28″. Quickly googled an article on how to do the math when matching stools to a bar, and I’ve been aiming for 30″ or taller ever since.

Mission accomplished. Now it’s time to squeeze more lemons and start flowing the Collinses.

bar stools

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