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White Horse Tavern

white horse tavern new york city

At White Horse Tavern at 11th and Hudson in New York, a cultural hotspot of creative energy for writers and artists during the mid-century Bohemian period in Greenwich Village. The bar opened in 1880, but was known more as a longshoremen’s bar than a literary center until Dylan Thomas and other writers began frequenting it in the early 1950s.

The White Horse is perhaps most famous as the place where Dylan Thomas drank, before returning home and eventually becoming ill and dying a few days later of unrelated causes. Other famous patrons include The Clancy Brothers (who performed at the establishment), Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, Norman Mailer, James Baldwin, Seymour Krim, Richard Fariña, Jane Jacobs, and Hunter S. Thompson.

The White Horse’s other famous patrons included Jack Kerouac, who was bounced from the establishment more than once. Because of this someone scrawled on the bathroom wall: “JACK GO HOME!” At that time, Kerouac was staying in an apartment in the building located on the NW corner of West 11th St.

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