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I’ve had worse offices before.

new office

Day One at my new gig, November 3rd, 2008. We occupy the entire eighth floor of the Northrop Grumman building on Sixth Street in San Pedro; this shot is looking west in the late afternoon. That’s the rain creeping in from the north over Palos Verdes, which hit us hard a few hours later. Beyond PV and off to the right would be coasts of Redondo, Hermosa, LAX, and so on.

For perspective, the building to the right of my feet is the Warner Grand Theatre. Where the sun is setting over the hill would be the approximate location of my bench. Beyond that would be Trump’s National Golf Club and the old site of Marineland. A couple blocks away on the opposite side of our building is Ports O’Call, the Vincent Thomas Bridge, and the rest of Los Angeles Harbor. To the left of my feet, off screen about thirty blocks away, would be the Cabrillo Marina, Fort MacArthur, Angels Gate, White Point, the house, and the rest of our stomping grounds.

Brand new chapter in Life. New season, new gig, hell, new President of the USA. Buckle up, because here we go. Let’s do this, shall we?

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