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Video Confessional Jams: Episode 9

*A couple conversations today have indicated that there’s some ambiguity to the Ethel Mertz reference here. I didn’t catch it during the jam, but now that it’s pointed out, I see it, and must provide some clarification.

There’s an inside joke that’s been floating around the pad here for a few weeks since taking inventory on kitchen supplies. While throwing things out, Naylor stumbled across a colander in one of the cupboards that probably dates back to the pre-WWII era. Antique. I think it’s tin. Or maybe even a toxic lead composite that’s gonna kill me if I eat enough angel hair. Our joke, courtesy of Naylor, is that the thing is straight out of I Love Lucy.

So for the record, the Ethel Mertz reference here is nothing more than a device used to illustrate the age of the colander. There is no real-world colander-claiming text-messaging counterpart to good ol’ Honeybunch, rest her soul.

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