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Kona schnagging Vive’s ball

With Vive at a spunky three years old and Kona slowing down as she approaches ten this year, there’s an interesting dynamic going on when it comes to how the three of us play together. Vive is all about the tennis ball, and can play forever. Kona, on the other hand, has become typically disinterested in playing ball for the most part, with the exception of those occasions where she feels she needs to impress me.

You know the game. Fetch. Pick up the ball, throw it, the dog fetches it, brings it back, you tell him to drop it. Repeat indefinitely. This is the drill with Vive, and Kona will usually be off sniffing flowers while the boys get the exercise in.

About once a week, Kona will have some energy she needs to burn off, and intervene at the “drop the ball” stage. When I instruct Vive to drop the ball, Kona will get a running start, swooping in on him to grab the ball before I do. A chase will ensue between the two of ’em, leaving me with nothing to do but stand back and marvel at the beauty of it.

This time, I rolled video.

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