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Stopping the bleeding

binary floor

After letting the second coat of Ebony #2718 dry, I pulled up the mask and was greeted by the reality of inevitable bleed at some of the joints. It’s just the way it is. Several white tiles that were adjacent to the black ones had edges porous enough to suck up some of the stain beneath the tape.

While I couldn’t stop the bleeding of the Lakers’ record-setting fourth quarter meltdown in Game 4 last night, I did spend a few hours punishing my fingertips with some careful sanding of the affected joints. Making use of the used blue tape, I masked off the black edges and I broke out some folded 60-grit paper, an 80-grit block, some 120-grit paper, and a 300-grit block. With a wet rag. The groove was: tape, 60, wipe, 80, wipe, 120, wipe, 300, wipe. The tip of my thumb right now is like leather.

Taped off what will be the final sections to stain (the twos and half of the eights), with the first coat going on tonight. Second coat to follow. Then it’ll be one more night of the joint sanding to correct the bleed.

binary floor

binary floor

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