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Mother’s Day card from about 1979

Best guess is about 1979, give or take a couple years, with the clue being the Lightning Bolt logo. I was obsessed with that thing in my formative years, incorporating variations of it into every doodle I ever did at the time. I even had the Bolt necklace. Silver.

Looking at it now, I suspect the Bolt logo was likely a shaping force in my dominant taste for sharp angles and straight geometric lines to this day. (In my freehand sketches, I’ve always found myself favoring straight lines to curves. Same with logos.) It’s also unsurprisingly trippy to see that the cover of this card boasts two ambigrams: the Bolt logo is a rotational ambigram reading the same right-side-up and upside-down; the “MOM” is a reflective ambigram reading the same forward and backward. My affection for ambigrams and symmetry has obviously always been there.

But enough about me. Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!

mom's card

mom's card

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