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A few weeks ago I was killing some time before this affair, literally walking down the street minding my own business. In this case, it was Broome Street in SoHo, New York.

A guy named came up to me as I was passing the Broome Street Gallery, introducing himself as Daithi, and we got into some small talk about the book and what not. He invited me to come in from the cold for some free wine and check out some art. The gallery was throwing an exhibition called Abstractions From Elsewhere that night, showcasing original pieces from eight abstract artists.

I went in for about a half hour, checking out some wonderful pieces, and rapping out with a couple of the painters. There were two particular pieces on the far end of the studio that caught my eye and was immediately drawn to. I asked one of the girls there who the artist was, and she informed me that they were Daithi’s. Cool.

Daithi’s the real thing, cranking out paintings, drawings, and sculpture. Out-of-this-world stuff. Check it out. His site also includes a video that really captures the spirit of a person following his muse.

We’d planned to hook up later that evening after both events, but got crossed up and weren’t able to find each other. Good thing for email, which has given us the means to follow up on our hang in the last couple weeks. Daithi’s now back in Wisconsin painting, and getting ready to head down to Florida to open his seasonal business of casting bronze.

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