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After Six

It’s been two weeks since the release of Not Quite What I Was Planning, and the community is abuzz. Technorati shows over 2,400 blog reactions, our NPR story is being dugg on Digg, and our man Frank has begun a Contributor Registry with links to the blogs of the authors. One blogger created a cartoon celebrating her friend’s inclusion, another family has created a video, Rev. Dr. Bill Steadman has invited his readers to distill their beliefs in the form of a six-word memoir, asking “What would Jesus do with six?”, and the Six-Word Memoir flickr group has just arrived.

The book release party has moved up to San Francisco, with the next Six-Word Slam going down tonight with Green Apple Books. Wish I could make that one. Then it’s a Google gig in Mountain View tomorrow, followed by Portland, and back to New York.

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