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Word Jam #001

New category. We’ll call it Word Jams. The point: Put fingers to keys for two solid minutes. One hundred and twenty seconds. Keep going. Do not edit. Do not think. Let it flow. Let it be. Essence. Fourteen thousand ways. None. If and only. Though. Nothing as. So it is. Seems to be. Quite not, and yet. For then. To whom. For what it’s worth. As luck would have it. If nothing else. As to. In any event. By the luck of the draw. And we digress. Shall, will, might, must, can’t. Never say die. A given. Go between. Push the envelope. Pull the strings. Turn the page. Flip the coin. Kick the can. Hit the sack. Fly the coop. Walk the line. Run the race. Jump the ship. Skip the class. Free the bird. Raise the hand. Drop the ball. Throw the towel. Catch the drift. Blow the joint. Burn the rubber. Freeze the moment. End the day. Time is up.

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