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Two thoughts going through my mind…

Just another typical Thursday evening as of late. Busy day, which is probably good. I come home, pick up the kids and some supplies, and we head down to our favorite after-hours open-space hang-out White Point. As I stand there in the chilly January ocean breeze, I tilt my head back and stare at the stars. Some things never change. Try it sometime soon. It’s beautiful.

I identify Orion beyond the low-hanging clouds and ponder the topic of change, when suddenly I’m hit with an acute awareness of two distinct thoughts that cross my mind simultaneously:

1. Life is a game of gains and losses. In the midst of all the feelings of loss, I can’t help but realize in the back of my mind that, while it’s hard to understand now, there’s something to be gained from it all.

2. I just wish #1 made sense before I was on my fifth Red Hook.

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