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Vive Got Skunked!

For the first time, and likely not the last, Vivor had an encounter with a skunk tonight right after dinner.

As I sat on the computer in the house while the dogs had dinner outside, I heard a few barks followed by the double whammy sound of the two entering the doggie door. They both come running into the room to tell me something; Kona rubs up against my knees, followed by Vive running around in circles smacking his chops. Four seconds later I smell it, and the two immediately get escorted outside by their collars. All I could think about at this point was why this couldn’t have happened yesterday, since today was bath day.

I grab a flashlight from the house and head back out to the backyard to assess the situation. I smell behind Kona’s shiny ears. Clean as a whistle. Put her in the house to isolate the problem. Where’s Vive?

Out by the avocado tree rubbing his snout in the grass, sneezing, slapping his tounge around. Here we go…

I smell behind the ears. Yep. Skunk, but luckily not as bad as it could’ve been. We’ve had episodes with Kona, and she’s come out of it with a soaked neck. Vive got away cheaply enough on his first experience, with only his snout getting it. Skunk must’ve cleared out of here in a hurry, which either makes him a great watch dog or a bad skunk catcher.

Poor little guy’s a little bummed right now, and understandably uncomfortable. He just got deskunked and is wallowing in his sorrow.

Excuse me while I go check on him…

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