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COVID-19, the coronavirus

In chronological order!

Vivor memorial

My favorite smells grew stronger. Pine needles, ocean air, cut grass, beef jerky, peanut butter, bacon, fried chicken. I marched up the final tunnel, drawn like a wasp to the radiant glow that waited at its end. Closer. Brighter.

“You’re here, Thirteen. Go ahead.”

I dashed out of the tunnel and into the light, the freshest breeze filling my jowls. Squinting through the sunshine I ran, the grass a cushion beneath my paws. I left my feet and flew…

Under Angels the novel

Sir Vivor Under Angels

Live Premiere. On May 5th 2019, Tool performed the full version of “Descending” for the first time at Welcome To Rockville 2019. The new song will feature on the new Tool album, which will be released at the earliest in August or September.

55 light years away, captured with a planet-sized network of telescopes. I wonder if it’s still there.

First photograph of a black hole