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Did Andy Irons send a message?

Via the GrindTV blog:

andy irons surfer sunset kauaiIt’s been a couple weeks since Andy Irons’ memorial gathering on Kauai, and images are still trickling out. While there are hundreds of beautiful shots from that very emotional day, the magnitude of this single shot taken at sundown is tough to match.

We’re not sure who snapped this photo of the sunset that day, but the cloud photographed looks a lot like a surfer soul-arching his way through the sky, baggy shorts and all, as if waving goodbye.

The image was posted by Sunny Garcia on his twitter account with the tease, “Check out this photo taken on the day of Andy’s service.”

Real? Photoshop? Andy? Menehune? Probably doesn’t matter. It’s Kauai. My grandfather and his brothers had some great stories from that rock, I tell ya. Cheecken skin, brah.

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