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Kona goes platinum! Thrice!

I’m quite the proud papa right now.

kona konyMy buddy’s buddy is a travel writer for LocalGetaways, and the other day he threw out a request to his network of peeps requesting “photos of dogs frolicking on the beach” to supplement an upcoming feature on dog-friendly beaches in Northern California. Anybody who knows us knows that there is no shortage of such photos on this site.

We just learned that Kona made the cut! This came in today from the publisher:

A huge thank you to everyone who sent us their happy-dog-at-beach photos (which was a lot of photos). Attached is a PDF of the newspaper feature that will go out to about 3 million readers in Nor Cal this Sunday. We were also able to fit in more doggie pics in our online article/blog that will go live on Sunday and reside on the site permanently (see the other attachment). Feel free to post comments on our doggie blog when it goes live: http://blog.localgetaways.com/

A shining star. Attagirl! <3

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