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23 ways to get a man (any man) on first base


1. Walk
2. Intentional walk
3. Hit by pitch
4. Dropped 3rd strike
5. Failure to deliver pitch in 20 seconds
6. Catcher interference
7. Fielder interference
8. Spectator interference
9. Fan obstruction
10. Fair ball hits ump
11. Fair ball hits runner
12. Fielder obstructs runner
13. Pinch-runner
14. Fielder’s choice
15. Force out at another base
16. Preceding runner put-out allows batter to reach first
17. Sac bunt fails to advance runner
18. Sacrifice fly dropped
19. Runner called out on appeal
20. Error
21. Four illegal pitches
22. Single
23. Game suspended with runner on first, that player is traded prior to the makeup; new player is allowed to take his place

I must poke at this one for a couple seconds, pointing out that not all of these are legitimate “ways” per the scorecards. I can actually only count eight ways; all of the 23 listed above would officially be recorded as one of the following: Hit, Base on Balls, Hit by Pitch, Error, Fielder’s Choice, Catcher’s Interference, Dropped Third Strike, and (up for debate) Pinch Runner.

Rebuttals welcome.

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  • Scott March 31, 2008, 10:00 pm

    That’s just an insane study! The “old” list never included so many… Kudos for the trivia world… AND just try to remember all those for that appearance on Jeopardy. Then again, most of those contestants don’t own a sports gene. Who’s on first?

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