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Writing 2.0

The last couple years have presented significant developments in the way we interact with other human beings. The World Wide Web has entered its second major phase, with terms like synergy, syndication, and Web 2.0 being used to describe the “for the people, by the people” nature of online content. The static sites of the late 20th century have gone the way of AtHome, the SyQuest drive, and the Stegosaurus, being replaced with personal blogs and social network utilities like Facebook, Twitter, and most recently, a Web writer’s wet dream, SMITH Magazine.

This all applies to writers in a profound way, with technology churning out brand new writing utensils that we’ve never seen before. Craftspeople of the written word now have the means to shake off their itch from anywhere, anytime, with their work being seen by countless eyes. Our stream of consciousness is facilitated. And with the community aspect of the Web, we now find ourselves connected with like-minded lovers of language and story. Refreshing proof that we’re not alone in our insanity.

The core of me is so grateful to have been born when I was, putting me in a position to participate in this significant time in the history of writing. As was the case with alphabet systems, the advent of pen and ink, and the typewriter, our world is changing forever. And we’re the first ones through the door.

Jason from The Publishing Spot has a few words to say about this 21st Century Writing Community, including a video he shot at the recent SMITH Magazine party in New York. Have a gander. You may see somebody you know at about 2:26.

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