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My Controlled Dream About the Stopwatch

Have you ever had one of those rare dreams where you realize you’re dreaming, yet you don’t wake up? It’s an incredible experience, giving you total control over your world for a moment. You hope you don’t wake up.

It just happened. I’m logging it here in case I forget.

I was in a store looking at a digital handheld stopwatch. It suddenly dawned on me that it was all a dream, yet I didn’t wake up. In my excitement, I ran outside of the store and flew away. As I got higher and higher into the sky, I gradually woke up.

I need to think about this. The stopwatch is significant, symbolizing a deeper issue I’ve had with overly analyzing time against my will. Perhaps being a drummer makes me hyper-aware of time, but my brain will waste energy on useless thoughts calculating time. And that’s not healthy. In recent years I’ve made conscious efforts to pull back on this tendency.

This dream almost symbolizes the idea of finally letting go of it. Hmmm…

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