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The Differences Between Girl and Boy Pups

We’ve had our beloved Kona, a female pit-lab, for over seven years. Got her as a puppy. She’s enriched our lives beyond explanation. As we gradually ease into her sunset years, she’s beginning to slow down a little bit, losing the energy she once had as a pup. The sinking feeling in my heart becomes heavier and heavier as the inevitable draws nearer each year.

Last year we adopted another pup, a little guy we call Vive. He just turned one year old this month. Being so accustomed to Kona, having the little man around has added an entirely new dynamic to the situation.

What’s really interesting is the profound differences between the male and the female, which have become more apparent in the last year since adding Vive to the mix. Here are five differences that come to mind:

1. Kona loves the ocean; Vive is afraid of water.

2. Kona’s always been really picky with her food; Vive eats anything.

3. Kona loves to cuddle for hours; Vive’s too restless for such a charade.

4. Kona’s afraid of fireworks; Vive doesn’t seem to notice.

5. Kona’s never pissed on the refrigerator.

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